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Our jails and prisons are full of our minority men. Many of them have never had a family or a solid foundation that helped to set their lives up for success. If they are fortunate to be released, majority of them return as repeat offenders and/or commit crimes that impact their own lives and so many lives of others. Another group of minority men we continue to see fail are those who have emancipated out of the foster care system. Again, these men face the same challenges of those who have been incarcerated and many become incarcerated themselves. They are forced out into a world that they cannot handle, let alone understand. Better Foundations & Futures was established in 2020 to face these issues head on, focusing on providing family connections and establishing/re-establishing solid foundations which in turn will set these minority men up for successful futures.




Our vision is to see a better quality of life and opportunities for advancement for minority men.




Our mission is to repair broken foundations of our minority men by cultivating, creating and developing equal opportunities while also creating leaders who will help to improve the trajectory and quality of life for minority people.




Better Foundations & Futures, Inc. will provide services within our organizational programs to address needs for minority men recently released from incarceration and/or emancipation from foster care. These will include the following:

-Drug Rehab & Mental Health



-Education & Training

-Family & Social Development

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