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-Programs Committee. Focusing on the development of our training, education and development programs for our program participants. This includes creating training material and courses, along with providing in-class or virtual instruction when needed for our program participants. A background in teaching, education or training/development would be most useful.

-Medical Advisory Committee. Focuses on the physical and mental health program, along with recruitment of medical professionals. Experience in the following industries preferred but not required: Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental Health Therapy, Primary Care, Men’s Health, Minority Men’s Health, Dental, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Orthopedic, etc. You do not have to be a doctor to be on the Medical Advisory Committee.


-Special Events Committee. Focuses on creativity and strategic planning of events. Experience in event planning, creative ability, resourcefulness and thinking outside of the box is preferred.

-Marketing & PR Committee. Focuses on marketing the business to the world via social media platforms, mail, news, events, etc. Communicates our message throughout the public. Experience with marketing and PR preferred, along with being social media savvy preferred.

-Grants & Funding Committee. Focuses on finding and applying for funding for the organization which includes money for our programs and our annual budget. Finance, sales, research, accounting, and attention to detail are all preferred but not required.

-Membership & Volunteer Committee. Focuses on recruitment for volunteers and program participants. Also works with Sponsorships

-Operations Committee. Focuses on operational functions from a strategic perspective. Inclusive of technology, development, organization, admin, maintenance, housekeeping, etc. This is the heart of the organization providing support to keep the organization up and running. Experience with any of the above is preferred but not required.

-Legal Advisory Committee. Focuses on the organization’s legal obligations, restrictions and provides legal advice to the organization. This committee also assists our program participants. Legal experience is required. Interns also accepted.

-Administration Committee. Primarily this committee focuses on administrative support for the Executive Board of Directors and the organization’s Directors. This is inclusive of addressing emails, preparing documents, scheduling meetings/appointments but also helps with providing our program participants with assistance. Assisting our program participants includes helping with filing for government assistance programs and social work. General computer knowledge and multi-tasking required. Administration and social work experience preferred.

-Strategic Planning Committee. Focuses on where the organization is currently and devises a plan on where the organization is going and how to achieve the overall goals and purpose of the organization. Planning includes identifying the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Committee members should be naturally suited or capable of big-picture thinking and taking a long-range view. A background in project management, corporate leadership, financial planning or ability to analyze data and market information preferred. 

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