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If you, your organization or your company would like to help to achieve social justice by make an impact using your own resources and skills, Better Foundations & Futures, Inc. is the ideal partner for you! 


We pool the strengths of different stakeholders—civil society, social entrepreneurs, and private companies—through our innovative collaboration models. We create win-win partnerships that respond effectively to social and environmental challenges.

We are currently accepting sponsorships from local-level pro bono and voluntary engagements to strategic and visionary engagements with companies, businesses, other nonprofits and professional individuals.


We are establishing a network that enables us to collaborate quickly with key partners throughout the state of Georgia. We working to respond effectively to the problems in our society that are having a negative impact on the current and future state of our minority men. By doing so, we will break down barriers between business, society, and the public. And we introduce new modes of collaboration beyond the typical funder-fundee relationship.

Better Foundations & Futures, Inc. relies on individuals, foundations, and corporate contributions to develop our work in the advancement of minority men. 

There are many ways to partner with BF&F, Inc. — from local-level pro-bono and volunteer engagements to multi-year vision partnerships that help us achieve sector-wide goals. 

Some partners help us find and support classes and/or resources for our program participants and volunteers, including housing, food, clothing, mental/physical health treatment, education, job skills, job opportunities and so much more. Some partners provide us with volunteers for various events or activities throughout the year, along with taking part in speaking engagement opportunities. 

We will be supporting and promoting our partners through events, through media, networking and building a collaborative network for connecting others who share the same goal. With every partner, our goal is the same: To work together as trusted peers with the mutual goal to be champions for the advancement of minority men. 

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