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At BF&F, Inc., our Sponsors help us to thrive. Without sponsorships, we would not have the complete funding we need to further the organization or provide our free services. But being a Sponsor of our Organization, we ensure that our commitments to you are met, along with being open and honest about where and how our donations are used. We do not accept every company, business or individual that applies to become a sponsor. Sponsorship opportunities are reserved for highly qualified companies and individuals who will help further the mission and purpose of Better Foundations & Futures, Inc. Sponsors must maintain company or product integrity and standards with a commitment to community and service. Sponsorship opportunities require a donation because it allows us to sustain and develop new programs and services. The benefits of sponsorship reach beyond the initial recognition. As a sponsor, you and/or your company are acknowledging a shared dream for our minority men by helping to shape their vision, goals and dreams. For our sponsors, we promise the following benefits with all levels of sponsorship:

  • The opportunity to build trust and establish rapport within the local community.

  • The opportunity to generate new sales and build business partnerships.

  • Community Involvement and Giving Back.

  • Distribution of Samples or Trial Offers.

  • Brand Awareness and Recognition.

  • Media Exposure to Help Promote Your Business or Brand.

  • Tax Deduction and Write Off of Business Expenses. 

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