Shellie Henley-Pounds

SSB Committee Chair

Christina Testman

SSB Committee Secretary

Next Meeting:
Saturday, May 15, 2021
10am EST Virtual
Topic: "Put That Woman First"
Guest Speaker: Christina Bryant
Sisters Supporting Brothers (SSB) is an 18 & up women’s only group. SSB is a support group for our women who not only have been impacted by life choices of minority men but also those who have a genuine care/concern for them as well. Whether you have a son, a husband, a family member or even a friend that is a minority male, your opinion counts and matters here. This is a safe space for our women to have a say in what happens within our organization, along with helping us to achieve our goals and mission. As a member of the SSB group, you will find this experience to be fulling through you volunteer efforts, while also collaborating with like-minded women and building strong relationships. We want you to know that our women matter just as much as our men and at SSB, you can make an impact simply from your connection and experience, regardless of your background. You will help our men, other women, children and families heal by using your voice to help our men walk in their calling as the men they have been called to be. Register now to attend the upcoming meetings. Registration is required to attend. After you have signed up, you will be contacted via email with details of the meeting.
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